The Rambling Guide to Glasgow

We spent three weeks at the CCA in October 2007 to play and then invent systematically 'rambling disciplines' out of disorderly playing about in Glasgow.
This guide is written in an open source mentality, which means everything written by us is a suggestion, a starting point open for expansion and appropriation.
The following links can be read like a kind of manual that is there to be copied/printed and re-done.

1. How to prepare


2.Arc Handling 3.Boulder Hopping 4.Bridge Scaling

5.Bridge Tree Transfer 6.Buildering 7.Canal Jumping

8.Dew Surfing 9.DIY Seesaw 10.DIY Swing

11.Fur Cone Fighting 12.Girdering 13.Grass Gymnastics

14.Inverted Wall Traverse 15.Necropolic Wall Walking

Pavement Yoga 17.Precision Jumping 18.Railing Ballet

19.Rail Sliding 20.Spiderman 22.Street Pole Dancing

23.Tree o’clock 24.Wall Split 25.Wall Traverse

26.Window Fitting


27. 'Dirty Hands'